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The foundations of our company were founded in 1980 by our late father, Cemalettin Erhan, and started to serve in the retail sector. By starting production in the Grand Bazaar in 1986, brothers Aykut Erhan and Can Koray Erhan started to engage in wholesale sales activities all over Turkey. In 2000, the ESGOLD brand was registered and reached its current level in the industry. Our company had the opportunity to introduce itself at the March fair, which had participants from all over the world, and started to serve in the foreign market as well as the domestic market. With over 40 years of experience, we are proud to work with our valued colleagues with our wedding rings, diamonds and 14 carat jewelry varieties.

Our Vision:
As ESGOLD Jewelry; We aim to pioneer innovations in line with the demands by always remaining fresh in the sector with our wedding ring, diamond and 14 carat varieties, and we continue our work in this direction. We continue our existence with the best service quality by keeping our company open to innovations in line with your preferences for the development of the sector and our company. Our biggest goal is to introduce Turkey in our sector to the world countries in the best way possible.

Our Mission:
We continue to grow rapidly with our wedding ring, diamond and 14 carat varieties. Our priority is requests and satisfaction. Today, we work within a family structure with our workshops, dealers and team, and base our services on quality, trust and efficiency.